Hi! I'm Kyle, I'm a Ph.D. Graduate student at McMaster University. I am being supervised by Dr. Dan Goldreich in the Tactile Perception Lab

I completed my Bachelor of Science at McMaster University under the Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour program in 2016, also completing a Minor in Physics. My studies focused on Cognitive Neuroscience, Human Behaviour and Statistics. I have experiences working in experimental psychology labs under Dr. Sue Becker and Dr. Michael Schutz.


My current research is focused on exploring Human Categorization in the sense of Touch. I'm interested in how people extract information from the world and form categories, and am trying to build cognitive models to predict and explain human performance.

To investigate this, we explore performance under various psychophysics tasks using Bayesian computational modelling. Bayes' Theorem provides a probabilistic framework for evaluating updating information which has seen success in modelling other perceptual phenomenon.

Check out this short, 1-minute video of my research! (featuring voice-over by my colleague, Keon Allen)

This video was a winner of NSERC's Science, Action! 2017 Video contest


Most Recent Published Work

Dhindsa, K., Gauder, K., Marszalek, K., Terpou, B., & Becker, S. (2018). Progressive Thresholding: Shaping in Automated Neurofeedback Training. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering.